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Choosing a Home Builder

For homebuyers planning to purchase a newly constructed home, choosing a builder is a very important decision. The builder not only has the responsibility for the buyer's largest lifetime investment, but also has a direct impact on the buyer’s future comfort and happiness.

For a happy and productive home building experience, homebuyers must be able to communicate clearly with the builder. The builder must understand what the buyers want and the buyers must understand what the builder is doing.

The buyers must also have confidence in the reputation and ability of the builder to deliver the home of their dreams.

To help buyers decide on a builder for their new home, our New Homes experts at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage recommend asking these questions:

Are you a member of any professional builders associations?

As a general rule, builders who are involved with a builder’s organization keep abreast of consumer trends and preferences. They know about relevant legislation and regulations. They are more comfortable with new technology and get innovative ideas from their builder colleagues.

Can you provide references?

Any reputable builder has previous clients to offer as references. The buyer can call them and ask how they liked their new home purchase experience. Ask if they would recommend the builder to a friend.

What else have you built?

Go to other communities the builder has built. If the buyer sees a resident of the community, ask if they like their house.

May I see a house under construction?

Take a look at the job site. A professional builder will have a well-organized operation, with tools and materials stored neatly, rubbish picked up regularly, and people working efficiently.

Do you offer a Homeowner's Warranty?

Builders are required to provide a Homeowner’s Warranty on all newly constructed houses. The warranty protects a buyer from defects in workmanship and unexpected repairs to their new house.