Sales Associate Opportunities

We are pleased to provide you with key information about business opportunities in the real estate industry.

The first requirement is that you complete and pass an approved 75-hour pre-license program. We offer this through our school in a variety of formats:

  • Full-day residence class program for 12 days, plus the exam
  • Evening program held 2 evenings per week from 6-9:15 pm for five weeks, which includes weekend attendance, is also available
  • You may choose to purchase a computer course or online program that allows you to pace yourself over a period of 6 months

Upon successful completion of the class and passing of the “exit” exam, you will be eligible to sit for the State Licensing Exam. This is done through a company called AMP. You can schedule your exam time online on With a passing grade of at least 75%, you will then be eligible to return to the testing site and activate your license for a 4-year term.

You will also need to have spoken with a broker of one of our offices and obtained a "sponsoring broker form." 

The license will be issued in your name and the company name. Once you have been active in the real estate industry for two years, you are eligible to take the Broker’s pre-license course. This consists of an additional 60 hours of study, a course exam and a State Licensing exam. When you have been active for three years, you may activate your Brokers license. At that time, you may choose to open your own company or continue with the company with which you are working as an independent sales associate.

Prior to activating your license, you must visit your local police station and obtain a Georgia Criminal History report. It is valid for 60 days, so you could obtain that prior to taking the State Exam. The criminal history report is not needed to take the exam, only to activate your license.

Additionally, there is a post-license education requirement of 25 hours the first year and a further 24 hours of continuing education over the following 3 years. The continuing education requirement is completed during every 4-year licensure term. 
Our commitment to creating the ultimate setting for superb professionals is the key factor that has made us the number one real estate company in the country. We look forward to welcoming you as you build your business as an independent sales associate affiliated with Coldwell Banker.

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Referral Associate Opportunities

Coldwell Banker Residential Referral Associates is a referral company specially designed for Atlanta real estate agents with active licenses who'd like to continue making money via referrals, even though they may be retired or just taking time off from full-time selling and listing. Making money from referrals is easy -- simply refer your buyers or sellers to us and you receive a commission at closing.

To learn more about referral associate opportunities with Coldwell Banker Residential Referral Associates, contact:

Patricia Piper
Phone: 866.869.4170
Fax: 941.487.1606

Non-Sales Opportunities

Coldwell Banker independent Sales associates are given the opportunity to utilize resources that require  a significant staff and infrastructure to create and maintain. From finance and technology to administration and management, we have a diverse organization offering a number of intriguing opportunities, both in our sales offices and our home office.

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