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Concierge for Kids

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is pleased to offer its concierge program, dedicated to children and their very special needs before, during and after a move.

We have included several great articles for you to enjoy, such as tips for moving with children and travel games designed to help make their move fun.

If pets are part of your family, moving is stressful for them too, so we have included an article designed to help you ease their transition to their new home.

Moving With Children

If you think moving is hard on adults, imagine what it's like for children. They're starting over trying to meet new friends while getting used to a new home, neighborhood and school. Think about your children's specific needs before, during and after the transition and you'll make a big difference in how your children feel about the move and how they adjust afterwards.

Before the Move: Preparing

  • Give your children a chance to express their feelings, and try to be honest about your own feelings. Children who have a chance to express themselves will work through their doubts more easily.
  • Help older children compile a list of phone numbers and email addresses of friends, relatives and other important people in their lives. Knowing they can stay in touch with these important people will be reassuring.
  • Take your children to your new home before you move and explore the new neighborhood and town or city together.

Try to line up some activities in which your child can participate after the move, such as joining a sports team, music lessons or a scouting troop. Not only will activities like these keep your children involved, but they'll also help them become part of a group.

During the Move: Remembering What’s Important

  • Throughout the move, stay as upbeat and calm as you can. Your own mood will impact your children's moods.
  • Involve your children in the packing. Older children can put their own belongings in boxes, and children of all ages will enjoy decorating the boxes containing their things.
  • Try to stick to your routines. Have meals at the same times as always.
  • Don't pack things your children treasure, like special blankets or favorite books. Help your children say goodbye to the important people in their lives. For their friends, a party is a fun way to celebrate the friendship.
  • For many families, moving day means a long car trip or cross-country flight. Prevent backseat blues and airline angst by adding travel fun and games to your plans.
  • Allow your child to bring an album with pictures of their old home and friends. This will allow them to express their feelings and allow you to reassure them that it is natural to feel loss and initial discomfort with such a big change.

Travel Fun and Games for Children — Great for Moving Day

The following suggestions will help make your trip more fun for your kids and more enjoyable for your entire family.

The following are suggestions for anywhere fun and games for kids:

Little Surprises

Purchase several inexpensive toys before your trip. Give them to your children as surprises periodically throughout the journey.A new toy can add fun and excitement to a particularly dull portion of the journey.

Document the Trip

Give your child a disposable camera and the assignment of recording the trip. Keep a travel journal or diary, recording interesting places and adventures. Save ticket stubs and other mementos in a scrapbook.

Tried And True Travel Take-Alongs

Road-tested by pint-sized travel buffs across the country, the following travel games are sure to provide relief for sufferers of acute travel boredom:

  • Travel versions of popular board games such as Connect Four, Battleship or Checkers.
  • Travel Magnadoodle and Travel Etch-a-Sketch have received top marks from little road warriors around the country.

  • Hand-held video games or even a laptop computer can provide hours of zap-it-up fun. Save your sanity and turn off the sound or bring headphones.

  • Exercise the mind with activity books filled with mazes, crosswords and other puzzles. Quiz each other with trivia cards or giggle as you work your way through a book of Mad Libs.

Rest Stop Races

Turn rest stops into fun stops! Bring a soccer ball or football for rest stop fun. Running games like tag or foot races are a great way to expend some of that pent-up energy. Schools, city parks, recreation areas and fast-food restaurants with playgrounds are great places for kids to do a little more than stretch their legs.

Read Aloud and Sing Along

Bring several books and take turns reading aloud in the car. Be expressive and entertaining. Sing-along tapes can be fun for the whole family. Cast recordings of popular musicals and movie soundtracks are a great way to sing away the miles.

Map Your Journey

Take time to learn about your destination and all of the exciting places along the way. Plan your rest stops at museums, historical sites and other interesting places. Trace your route on the map and look up interesting facts about each place in a guidebook.

Scavenger Hunts

Search roadside billboards and signs for the letters of the alphabet, in order. Make your own list of things to find: gas station, school, church, horses, cows, river and anything else that you may find between your starting point and your destination.

Fun and Games

Tray tables were made for card games. Bring your own cards in case the flight attendant can't provide you with a deck, compliments of the airline. Popular children's card games include War, Rummy and Go Fish.

Get Plugged In

Even very young children enjoy being read to, so bring a portable tape player with headphones and some books on tape. Set the volume at a safe level and don't be surprised if they want to hear the same story over and over again.

After The Move: Getting Settled

To make your new home seem more like home, hang your child's or family portrait in a prominent location or create a tabletop display of family photographs. Take pictures of the new home, new neighborhood playmates, family members and school, etc. Start a new family album to show there is fun and family togetherness available at the new home. Don't spend too much time unpacking — at least not right away! In the first few days, take time to enjoy your new home with your family. Take walks and check out local restaurants. Above all, listen. Try to be there when your children get home after the first day at their new schools, even if it means having to leave work early that day. Regularly ask how things are going, and take time to listen.

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